Our clients spent many months searching for their dream property. They eventually found a magnificent parcel of land on top of a ridge with 360° views of the surrounding Mornington Peninsula and Bass Straight. Having relocated to Canberra many years previously our clients were looking forward to returning to the Mornington Peninsula permanently.  We were engaged by our clients to coordinate architects and consultants to design and build their forever home.

Challenges posed by such an exposed and heavily vegetated site include high winds, sea spray, relatively steep topography, onerous Bushfire requirements, substantial planning restrictions and the need to blend the building into the surrounding environment.

The design and build process included selection of architects and other related consultants, site meetings to ensure the best siting for the house, numerous budget cost estimates to ensure the house being designed met the client budget brief, planning application, interior design and finally the build. Many client and Architectural meetings were held via Zoom due to the location of our clients and Covid-19 restrictions. Most importantly our clients trusted our team to make decisions which they were unable to make in person. 

The house was completed two and half years after our clients purchased their property. The result is a well-considered property that blends seamlessly into its location and is enhanced by a beautifully designed indigenous garden. Rammed Earth and Blackbutt timber cladding compliment the surrounding environment and aluminium windows provide a low maintenance solution to the exposed site. Blackbutt, natural stone, wool, and linen have been used internally to provide natural warmth to the interior. A large bank of windows provides a panoramic vista to Bass Straight and the National Park and a protected outdoor area with swimming pool is located to the north side of the house. The layout has been zoned to provide separate heating and cooling zones and living spaces for its owners and visitors. 

An underground Bushfire Bunker has also been installed to provide additional lifesaving protection to the owners should a bushfire come through the area.

Our clients are ecstatic with their home and are extremely happy to be back living on the Mornington Peninsula.

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