Our process

1. Design

a. If you do not have any architectural plans we can arrange a site appraisal and a meeting to discuss your proposed development. We will discuss –

  • Your budget
  • Your specifications
  • Design options and costs in line with your budget
  • An indication as to whether a planning permit will be required
  • An expected time line based on your requirements

Once you have agreed to move forward we will prepare a sketch design for your approval. We will provide you with a cost estimate based on the sketch design provided.

b. If you already have your plans, specification and Town Planning approval we will meet with you and your architect / designer to discuss your project. We will then prepare a detailed costing as in item 3 below.

2. Planning and Building Permits

a. If a Planning permit is required we will prepare design development drawings and arrange all necessary documents and reports and submit to Council. We will work with Council in order to expedite the town planning process.

b. Once a Planning Permit is obtained we will complete a full set of working drawings including all required consultant’s drawings and designs and submit to a Building Surveyor for a Building Permit.

3. Detailed Costing

We will prepare a detailed costing of your project once we have final working drawings and specifications.
We will meet to discuss our costing with you to confirm you understand all inclusions and exclusions.

4. Contracts

Once you are happy to move forward we will prepare a building contract based on the agreed plans, specifications and costing.
We will also provide you with a detailed schedule of works so you can plan ahead.

5. Construction

Construction will commence and your property will be built to exacting standards and to the highest quality in line with your plans and specifications.
Regular site meetings, emails and telephone calls will keep you up to date and fully informed with your project.

6. Completion and Handover

Your project will be completed and handed over with a minimum of fuss and on time.
We will continue to keep in contact with you to make sure your home is operating to our high standards and you are completely satisfied with your project.

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